KMS Parent-Child Learning Program

In 2012, Kemp Mill Synagogue instituted a program that would meet every other week on Motzoai Shabbat and was designed for parents and children studying Tora together. While some of those attending bring their own material, we also make available to those who come study sheets. Below are the study sheets that Rabbi Bieler has produced for this program to date.

Note: The titles of the files reflect the Saturday night time of the program, but the topic is usually the next week’s Parasha.

Motzoai Shabbat Parasha Discussed Topic
Chayei Sara 5774 Toldot 5774 “Parental preference for one child over another”
Toldot 5773 (Part 1) VaYetze 5773 “And Jacob told Rachel that he was her father’s brother”
Toldot 5773 (Part 2) VaYetze 5773 “And Jacob told Rachel that he was her father’s brother”
VaYishlach 5773 VaYeshev 5773 “Seeing things from different perspectives”
VaYishlach 5774 VaYeshev 5774 “Genesis Chapter 37”
Miketz 5774 Chanuka 5774 “Yosef”
VaYechi 5773 Shemot 5773 “Heroes in Parashat Shemot”
VaYechi 5774 Shemot 5774 “Moshe Gives HaShem a Hard Time”
VaEra 5773 (Part 1) Bo 5773 “Was Pharoah Treated Fairly?”
VaEra 5773 (Part 2) Shemot, VaEra, Bo 5773 “Was Pharoah Treated Fairly?”
BeShalach 5773 Yitro 5773 “The Top 10 Mitzvot”
BeShalach 5774 Yitro 5774 “Yitro’s Two Major Contributions to Jewish Society”
Mishpatim 5773 Teruma 5773 “Materials Used to Make the Mishkan”
Mishpatim 5774 Teruma 5774 “The Ark”
Tetzave 5774 Ki Tisa 5774 “The Nature of God”
VaYakhel 5773 Pekudei 5773 “Repetition in the Tora”
VaYakhel 5774 Pekudei 5774 “Have I Done it Right?”
VaYikra 5774 Tzav 5774 “Convincing Someone to Take On Important Responsibilities”