Rabbi Bieler Presents the Gilyanot of Nechama Leibowitz

During 1985-6, when I was privileged to study in Israel as a Jerusalem Fellow, one of the highlights of the year was the weekly Shiur that Nechama Leibowitz, ZaTzaL, gave in her apartment to eleven of us. Each Shiur featured citations from the Gilyanot (worksheets) that she had produced over the course of forty years.

In 1985, I purchased a mimeographed collection of these worksheets; now they are available on the web at http://www.nechama.org.il/ During the time when we studied with her, some of us, including myself, would answer a Gilayon each week in writing and would receive it along with Nechama’s detailed and sometimes acerbic comments when we would come for the next Shiur.

I valued my relationship with this extraordinary Tora teacher, and managed to spend several hours with her each time I would travel to Israel in subsequent years.

Her passing in 1997 deeply saddened me, and I determined at that time to create an ongoing memorial to her and her influence upon my learning, by presenting one of her Gilyanot each week in the form of a Shiur at both the University of Maryland and Kemp Mill Synagogue. Over the course of the last several years, in preparation for each of these Shiurim, I would formally compose answers to a different Gilayon each week.

I welcome others to try their hand at answering Nechama’s questions and would welcome feedback when you feel that I haven’t addressed a particular question properly.

For links to the Gilyanot that I have been studying recently, as well as the answers that I have suggested for the questions posed on the worksheets, please either follow the top menu links under ‘Gilyanot’ or click the links below:

I began recording these Shiurim in 2015 and they can be found here.