The Great Principle of the Tora

bieler-front-cover-225x329In addition to the learning units that I have developed under the heading “Tora study,” within  the rubrics of the Gilyanot of Nechama Leibowitz, Z”L, the presentations of R. Aharon Lichtenstein, Z”L, and parent-child learning events, I am also making available individual worksheets for the chapters of my recently published book, The Great Principle of the Tora: Examining Seven Talmudic Claims to the Defining Principles of Judaism (Kodesh Press, 2016). Each worksheet will contain the primary sources that are analyzed in depth in the book, as well as discussion questions that hopefully will be helpful to those studying these sources.

The worksheets could be studied independent of the book, or could be used as means of preparing ahead of time before considering the arguments made in the book itself. I certainly welcome any comments or insights that may arise that will advance the cause of thinking about what the point of Judaism actually might be.

Shorter Study Guide Detailed Study Guide
Chapter 1 Worksheet (Shorter) Chapter 1 Worksheet (Detailed)
Chapter 2 Worksheet (Shorter) Chapter 2 Worksheet (Detailed)
Chapter 3 Worksheet (Shorter) Chapter 3 Worksheet (Detailed)
Chapter 4 Worksheet (Shorter) Chapter 4 Worksheet (Detailed)
Chapter 5 Worksheet (Shorter) Chapter 5 Worksheet (Detailed)
Chapter 6 Worksheet (Shorter) Chapter 6 Worksheet (Detailed)
Chapter 7 Worksheet (Shorter) Chapter 7 Worksheet (Detailed)

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A deep, yet quite rewarding book“, Review by Ben Rothko, appearing in The Times of Israel Website, April 20, 2017.